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Intimate, Chicago Courthouse Ceremony: Edyta + Brian: Chicago, IL

This quick, charming wedding goes back to Spring 2019. My assistant, Liz, and I arrived at a spectacular home in the suburbs of Chicago to get a few snaps of the Edyta and Brian getting ready. They were having an intimate ceremony at the local courthouse. Then we would head into Downtown Chicago for a few quick portraits. It was the first small ceremony I had done in a big city courthouse. I had no idea that cameras are FORBIDDEN in any area except the room where they were to be married. Discreetly, I still snagged a few shots (rebel without a cause). In the blink of an eye, the sweet couple was married, and we were headed into the chilly, Windy City. I was able to very quickly find a few spots that ended up being some of my favorite shots from this year. In this quick shoot, we were still able to get some of Chicago's best features through architecture, color, and historical landmarks. Thank You to Edyta and Brian and their sweet family for having me along on this quiet day.

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