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Gabrielle + Noah's Dreamy, Intimate + Whimsical Elopement: Beaver Bay, Minnesota

Gabrielle and Noah followed their hearts to have the wedding of their dreams, and the setting and weather did not disappoint! Dressed in neutral fall colors, Gabrielle, in a dark green gown, I met the couple at Black Beach in Beaver Bay to take photos of the couple at sunset on the eve of their wedding. The wind and weather added to the intimate and breathtaking views with the couple that really allowed Gabrielle and Noah to get close and connect before their wedding. The sunset danced across the water, adding textures and colors to their intimate moments together on the waterfront and provided me with some fantastic ambiance for their photos!

After taking time together for our evening session, we trudged off the beach. We headed to get some rest for the sunrise ceremony the next morning. I met Gabrielle and Noah first thing in the morning at Cove Point Lodge in Beaver Bay, MN. I was able to capture the heartfelt moments between the Bride and groom while Noah helped Gabrielle into her wedding gown. Gabrielle wore a whimsical, boho, lace long sleeve dress from Lulus and Noah dressed in a slim classic black suit from Express. While it was still dark outside, we made our way to Palisade Head in Tettegouche State Park, where their dreamy and intimate elopement would take place. Upon our arrival, we were immediately greeted with the refreshing sound of the water crashing against the shoreline.

As the sun's vibrant colors began making their way over the horizon, the couple exchanged their vows with their parents as witnesses to this unbelievable ceremony. Gabrielle's stunning natural fall colored boho bouquet was Country Lane Floral, with the unique addition of Noah's pheasant feathers for extra detail. Following their intimate ceremony with the breathtakingly colorful sunrise backdrop, we made our way to the Boat House Restaurant in Duluth for brunch with the small wedding party.

It was indeed a magical weekend celebrating a beautiful couple, their intense love for one another, and an intimate escape as they venture into married life together.

From the Bride + Groom:

Did you have inspiration for your wedding?

I really wanted something intimate, whimsical, and dreamy. No specific inspiration on that following what we truly wanted and not going off the opinion of others. I absolutely love color, and Noah and I spend every fall driving the bluffs on Sundays to see all the foliage and watching the sunset, so I couldn't imagine anything better than the beautiful changing of the trees, the sound of water crashing and a painted sky at sunrise.

What were the colors of your wedding?

Natural fall colors

What were the most important parts to you in planning your wedding? Location? Photography? Flowers?

We, for sure, wanted our parents to be present as they are significant to us. I don't think we would have gone through with it if our photographer wasn't able to be there either.. although I had every intention to do anything, I could to persuade her to come, haha!

Did you have any individual details that were unique to your wedding?

Getting married at sunrise!! Ummm, we had Noah's pheasant feathers added to my bouquet.

What was your favorite wedding detail of the day?

My dress was literally like $100 and the absolutely breathtaking sunrise.

What was your favorite moment of the day?

Noah's vow or my dad's awkward giveaway.


Pretty tough to pick one thing. God blessed us with an absolutely perfect day in my eyes. Everything went great, the weather was beautiful, the sunrise was unbelievable, you were the most beautiful Bride I've ever seen, and we had amazing friends and family to share the moment with.

What advice would you give to brides still planning their wedding?

Do exactly what you want to do. Try your hardest not to let others' opinions form your decisions. It's only one day, but it's your only day. It's not like a birthday party each year. Bring to life how you dream your wedding day to be!

Would you have done anything differently when planning your wedding?

We plan on traveling the West Coast from Washington to Oregon to California. We want to stay on the coast for the drive and then take detours to hit a few of the National and State Parks on our bucket list.

Are you planning on taking a honeymoon? If so, where?

We plan on traveling the West Coast from Washington to Oregon to California. We want to stay on the coast for the drive and then take detours to hit a few of the National and State Parks on our bucket list.

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